How to Sell a Used Copy Machine


Do you want to upgrade to a new, improved copy machine, even though your old machine is still in decent working order? You may be able to get some cash for it, instead of tossing it in the dumpster. Read on to learn how you can sell your used copy machine.

Before You Sell

  • Take inventory. Do you still have unused toner cartridges or ink supplies that can only be used with this machine? If so, add those on to the package to bump up the sale price.

  • Gather up all the documentation for the copy machine, including the instruction manual, service records and any warranty records that you may have. For an added touch, you may want to provide the name of your service technician if you plan to sell your machine locally.

  • Clean up the machine. Break out the Windex and give your copy machine a good cleaning. Use a can of compressed air to blow dust and debris out from the paper tray area and the crevices around buttons. Clean the glass plate, the lid and button areas and any other part of the machine that may be demonstrating heavy usage.

  • Break out the camera and take pictures in a very well lit area. Pictures help to sell merchandise and will be extremely useful when selling your used copy machine on the Internet.

Selling Locally

  • Place an advertisement in your local newspaper, if you don't want to deal with the hassles of shipping and selling long distance. To keep expenses down, place a text-only ad, listing brief details about the machine, the asking price and contact information.

  • Look for buy/swap/trade publications in your area. Most areas across the US have such publications, where all manner of items are listed for sale. Check news stands, gas stations and grocery store entryways to find a copy. The cost of advertising in these types of publications is much less than traditional newspaper advertising, if not free. Inclusion of a photograph, text features (bold, italics) and highlighting is often available for a reasonable rate.

  • Hang up copies of a tear-off flyer at local businesses. Always ask permission first. Most grocery stores, gas stations and even restaurants have bulletin boards or window space where they will allow people to display their ads for free. Again, do not forget to include your contact information.

  • Use your network. If you belong to a local business organization, such as the Chamber of Commerce, contact fellow members to see if they know of anyone who needs a good, used copy machine. Small business owners would probably jump at the chance to obtain this type of equipment at a good discount.

  • Consult your local telephone directory for listings of used office equipment brokers and office supply companies. Listings can be found under "Office Equipment/Used" and "Copiers." These companies will purchase used equipment outright or may also sell on consignment. In order to get the best price for your used copier, when utilizing this method, you want to make certain your machine is clean and in good working order.

Selling Online

  • List your copy machine on eBay. If you don't want to go through the hassle on your own, you can always employ the help of an eBay Trading Assistant. eBay has a listing of qualified Trading Assistants available on their website and you can search by zip code to find those closest to your location. Keep in mind that the shipping costs will probably rival, if not outweigh, your asking price. Also, you'll want to consider what effect a Trading Assistant's commission will have on the price.

  • Place an ad on Sign up for an account, pick your location and place your ad. Read the rules and regulations about advertising. Make certain to specify your requirements with regards to shipping, payment, delivery, and any other details. Contact information is key.

  • Advertise on websites that focus on your area. Most communities have their own websites, and will often provide a "Classifieds" section for residents to place free ads.

  • Use one of the many used-equipment brokers who will either purchase your used copy machine to refurbish and resell or sell the machine on consignment (see Resources). Be wary, however, of any exorbitant fees or commissions, and verify the legitimacy of the company before beginning any type of transaction.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be honest. If your used copy machine has quirks or needs any repairs, just say so.
  • Know the risks of selling online. Don't ship the item until payment has cleared, and also invest in shipping insurance.

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