How to Keep Indoor Cats Entertained

Your cat might not enjoy the leash, and it can be hard to walk them.
Your cat might not enjoy the leash, and it can be hard to walk them. (Image:, Krikit)

Indoor cats do not have the same opportunities for fun as outdoor cats. They can not climb trees, run for miles, chase birds and stalk squirrels. Just because they don't have access to this stimulation, does not mean they don't crave it. An indoor cat can be treated to similar opportunities if the right adjustments are made to his environment.

Things You'll Need

  • Kitty condo
  • Crunchy cat treats
  • Shelves
  • Cat grass
  • Toys

Grow cat grass for your cats to eat. Cats need cat grass to help their digestive systems. Keep some in the house growing in a small planter. Do not leave the grass outside where it can be exposed to stray cats and fleas.

Hide cat treats around your house. Cats enjoy hunting and have a tremendous sense of smell. Hiding dry cat treats around the house allows them to hunt and problem solve. Only hide them in safe places, and not near any household chemicals.

Buy toys for your cats and play with them. Some cats enjoy mice on strings or remote control operated mice to chase. Others like balls and feathers. Buy a variety of toys and see which toys your cats respond to. Play with them at least twice a day for 10 minutes.

Buy a kitty condo. Kitty condos are free-standing constructions that are about 6-feet tall. They are covered in carpet and can provide the same exercise and stimulation as a tree. They offer places to hide, places to sleep, and some have balls to play with attached.

Give the cats shelves to climb and walk on. These shelves will provide great exercise for your cats. Affix the shelves to the wall using the manufacturer's instructions. Shelves should be about 6-inches deep and 12-inches wide. Stagger the shelves so they can get from one to another. Do not put anything breakable or that could hurt the cats on the shelves. If possible, leave the shelves free of objects.

Provide sunny places to sleep. Install shelves underneath at least 2 windows in your home. The shelves should be large enough for your cats to comfortably sleep on.

Tips & Warnings

  • Learn how to listen to your cat and read her moods.
  • Check the safety and security of any area where you encourage your cat to play.

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