Requirements for Moving With a Pet to Hawaii


If you are planning to move to Hawaii with your cat or dog, you must meet the state's strict regulations. Since Hawaii is rabies-free, the state requires extensive documentation ensuring the health of any pet entering the state.

In most cases, Hawaii requires an animal's quarantine upon arrival. You can minimize the time your pet spends in quarantine by meeting all of the requirements of Hawaii's five-days-or-less quarantine program or by applying for direct release from the airport. If you do not meet these requirements, your pet will be quarantined for 120 days upon arrival.


  • Hawaii does not allow the entrance of any wild or hybrid dogs or cats.

5-Day-or-Less Quarantine Program

If your pet meets the requirements of the five-days-or-less quarantine program, she will only be quarantined for up to five days. To qualify for the program, your pet must have proof of the required rabies vaccinations and testing, a microchip and a health certificate.

Rabies Vaccinations

Your pet must have received at least two rabies vaccinations at least 30 days apart during her lifetime. The most recent vaccination must be current and received at least 90 days before entering the state.

Microchip Identification

Your pet must have an electronic microchip implanted before undergoing the required rabies blood test. Have your vet scan the chip to make sure it is working properly.

Rabies Blood Test

Your pet must have a rabies blood test analyzed by either the laboratory at Kansas State University or the Department of Defense Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory in Texas.

The result of the blood test must be at least 0.5 international units per milliliter. The document must include the pet's microchip number. The test, which is valid for 36 months, must be completed at least 120 days before your arrival in Hawaii.

Submit Required Documentation

At least 10 days before your pet's arrival, you must send all of the required documentation to the Animal Quarantine Station in Hawaii, including original or carbon copies of the two most recent rabies vaccinations and a health certificate completed by a veterinarian. Your vet must treat your pet with a long-acting tick product and record the medication and dosage on the health certificate. The health certificate is valid for 14 days.

You must also complete Hawaii's Dog & Cat Import Form and send the required fee. As of 2015, the fee was $224 per pet for the five-days-or-less program.

Direct Release From the Airport

If your pet meets the requirements of the five-days-or-less program, you may apply for direct release from the airport, with the pet spending no time spent in quarantine. This option is available only at Honolulu International Airport.

Apply for direct release when you submit the same paperwork required for the five-days-or-less program. The fee for immediate release at the airport was $165 per pet in 2015.

Your pet must arrive at the airport's Animal Quarantine Holding Facility between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for inspection. If you are arriving on an international flight, you pet must pass through customs before going to the holding facility, where your pet will be inspected and released.

If you or an authorized person does not pick up your pet that day, she will be moved to the quarantine facility and processed under the 5-days-or-less program. She is also transferred to that program if she arrives outside of the posted inspection hours.

120-Day Quarantine Program

If you take your pet to Hawaii without meeting the requirements of the five-days-or-less quarantine program, she will be quarantined for a full 120 days.

Puppies and kittens under 9 months of age are not old enough to meet Hawaii's early-release requirements and must be quarantined for 120 days upon arrival. Female pets more than 40 days pregnant may not enter Hawaii; those who do will be quarantined and hospitalized at the owner's expense.

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