How to Factorise in Math


During math class in grade school, we were taught how to factor equations. It is possible you may have forgotten or need a refresher. You may need to factorise if you are going to college or study for a preparation exam. Follow these steps on how to factorise.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Patience!
  • To factor numbers, practice is a great way to refresh these math skills. Find a practice problem. Here I will use the example 4x² + 6x.

  • Break up the equation. You will break up 4x² and 6x into factors, meaning something that goes into 4x² and 6x. 2x goes into both.

  • You will pull out the common factor. Write 2x outside of brackets.

  • Add remaining factors inside brackets that multiply by 2x to give you each original term. For instance, 2x multiplied by 2x gives you 4x² and 2x multiplied by 3 gives you 6x. you would then write: 2x(2x+3).

  • Check your answer. * Pick a number for "x" for both equations and you should get same results.

Tips & Warnings

  • Double check your work
  • Practice
  • Read websites or math books for plenty of examples

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