How to know if you can really sing


Many people every year wait until they get in front of the American Idol judges to find out they cant sing. Hopefully this will save you the heartache of selling everything thing you own just to hear you are not going to Hollywood

Things You'll Need

  • crowd
  • One of the easiest ways to tell if you are any good at singing is by singing in front of a crowd. If you get a positive reaction you may have talent. Just because you use to sing in a choir at church doesn't make you American Idol material. I went to a funeral two years ago and one of the family members sung a song so bad I believe dogs would have barked if they were there. I was trying my hardest not to laugh at this man singing his heart out and obviously his voice out as well. After the song was finished he got an awfully lot of hand claps. I go to church all the time and I have heard some horrible singers get hand claps at church.

  • Don't go by what your friends say. Believe it or not your friends will probably get a kick out of watching you look like a fool on television. Try to enter a couple of talent shows at least a couple of months before you try to audition professionally. Some people auditioning for American Idol won talent shows in kindergarten when its cute to see little people sing and think they have talent.

  • Take singing lessons, just because you can sing high notes, doesn't mean you are singing the write keys. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Don't go bye the words of family of friends, get the opinion of someone that will tell their honest opinion. because you own a guitar or play a guitar don't think this means you can sing. If you really think about it, what parent is going to tell their daughter or son their singing sucks. Parents are suppose to encourage their kids even when they are really horrible at what they do. This goes the same for husbands and wife's as well sometimes its even humorous to get our spouse to embarrass themselves. The morale of this article is ask somebody that probably doesn't know a whole lot about you if you can really sing. In the resource tab I have included a link to online voice training.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't go by your family, friends, spouse, church, or boyfriends opinion, go by the opinions of strangers.

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