How to Just Feel Better When You are Sick - Cold & Flu Remedies

Just Feel Better
Just Feel Better (Image: Images by Diane Cass)

There are lots of ways to just feel better when it's cold and flu season again. Though there isn't yet a cure, there are things you can do to just feel better, and lessen the length and severity. Here's what I do to help myself...

Things You'll Need

  • Zicam
  • Tea
  • Chicken or Tomato Soup
  • Warm Blankets
  • Teddy Bear or something to cuddle

USE COLD REMEDIES - If you don't already have some, go directly to the Pharmacy and get some ZICAM. Many people swear by it, including myself. I prefer the nasal gel. Another favorite cold remedy is Nyquil. It just helps you sleep better, which is a good thing when you are sick.

MAKE A POT OF TEA - Put the kettle on and make a nice hot pot of tea. Doctors are always telling you to keep hydrated when you are sick, and this is one of the best ways I know to do it, as it is very soothing also. Sip the tea slowly and let it warm you up. It will help loosen any phlegm that needs to be dealt with and will soothe your throat if it is sore. Add some chopped, crystallized ginger to help settle an upset tummy.

Just Feel Better
Just Feel Better

MAKE CHICKEN SOUP - Your taste buds are often a little "off" so most foods loose their appeal when you are sick. A sore throat can also make swallowing painful. Heat up some good chicken soup. I like tomato soup too, if I don't have a sore throat. Just like the tea, it will hydrate you, warm you up, and have the added benefit of nourishing you. Many believe that chicken soup has natural elements that actually help you get better. See my recipe for HOW TO MAKE GINGER CHICKEN SOUP FOR A COLD & FLU REMEDY

Just Feel Better
Just Feel Better

SEND OUT THE ARMY - Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. They have an amazing army of white blood cells that are unleashed when a cold or flu invades. Give your army a chance to do their job, get lots of rest

DON'T FEAR THE FEVER - A fever is your friend. As long as it is controlled and doesn't get too high, a fever is your best friend when you are sick. We have become a society that has been taught (primarily by the drug companies) that a fever is something to be afraid of. It is not, it is a part of the bodies natural defense system to rid itself of the foreign invaders. Let it do it's job. I discovered this when my kids were little. My youngest son was prone to very scary high fevers, like 103 - 104, but he was NEVER sick for very long. His colds were always only a couple of days. One day of REALLY high fever, one day of recovery and then, it was over. This isn't scientific, just my observation as a mom, but it made sense. The high fever on the first day usually knocked out the illness. From then on, I would only give the kids a 1/2 dose of children's medicine to control the fever, but not get rid of it entirely. They got the rest that they needed, the fever did it's job and they were always over it before the other kids in the neighborhood. Don't fear the fever.

Just Feel Better
Just Feel Better

A HOT BATH - When I have the aches, along with the illness, I find that there is nothing more soothing than a hot bath. It helps ease the achiness and the steam will loosen your congestion and relieve sinus pressure ... and you will feel better. I also have noticed that soon after a hot bath, my fever breaks and I start getting well. Again, this is just my observation over time, not scientific evidence, but it works for me.

CUDDLE WITH SOMETHING SOFT AND FURRY - This could be your teddy bear, your dog or cat, or your significant other. In either case, it will be comforting and you will feel loved, that's always a remedy for what ails you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do follow all instructions on any medications you take
  • If you have a VERY sore throat, are short of breath or have painful sinus, these could be signs of bacterial infections. See you doctor ASAP

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