How to get respect at work

Many times you go to work and your morale is low. You feel like your colleagues don't respect you and your boss never listens to you. Well, there are things you can do to improve this situation and greatly improve your work life as well. Here's how:


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      Learn to say no. Are people overloading you with work? Or is something bothering you? Don't bge fearful of saying no. Know your boundaries. You don't exactly owe them an explanation, but if you feel like you have to explain yourself to these people, tell them that you already have lots of work to do, and taking on an extra assignment would mean a missed deadline, or would mean that you will not be able to give the high quality work you are used to delivering.

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      When you are looking into winning an argument at work, or getting a point across, instead of doing all the talking, do most of the listening. This way, you don't act defensive and you are paying full attention to what everyone else is thinking. Once you are ready to respond, you will be able to form a much better argument, recognizing the validity of what everyone else has to say.

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      Always thank people if they have done something for you. This is because many times you will also be doing things for them, and you want them to at least thank you. You will gain a lot more respect from your boss and co-workers if you appreciate what they do for you.

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      Don't be afraid to ask for feedback. When you are working on a project, many people may be able to give you input that will make you look better. This way, you can get things right the first time, and show that you really are a team player. This will gain you respect, and prove that you are trying to learn as much as you can from everyone.

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      Always answer in details, and have a plan. If something has gone wrong, offer an explanation as to why, and show that you have tried every possible way to remedy the situation. Don't just be happy with having done your job, going above and beyond will always win you respect, since it shows that you truly care about what you do.

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