How to Get Yuffie in "Final Fantasy VII"


"Final Fantasy VII" has two optional characters, the moody and cool Vincent and the upbeat and mischievous Yuffie Kisaragi. You need to have reached at least the Mythril Mine for Yuffie to appear. Yuffie is an easy opponent, so simply bring a team that has your strongest physical attackers, such as Barret or Tifa. If you're a perfectionist that wants all the available characters in the game, you'll want to make sure Yuffie is part of your party.

  • Run around in any forested areas on the world map and wait for a random battle to start. Battle through any random monsters, and keep running and fighting in the forested areas until the "Mystery Ninja" appears. Be patient; it can take several random battles until she appears.

  • Fight Yuffie when she appears. Stick to regular physical attacks and limit breaks to wear her HP down, as she doesn't have any particular weakness to magic attacks. Use any strong Materia to speed up the battle.

  • Walk to Yuffie after the battle. She will be standing in an open area near a save point. Avoid all distractions. Abstain from talking to your comrades or using the save point, as Yuffie will rob you of 200 gil and run away, causing you to have to start over at Step 1.

  • Talk to Yuffie by pressing the "X" button. Choose "Not Interested" from the first dialogue, "Petrified" from the second, "Wait a second!" from the third, "That's right" from the fourth, and finally "Let's hurry" from the last one. Respond accurately, or you'll have to start again from Step 1. Answer all these correctly, and Yuffie will join your party.

Tips & Warnings

  • Get Yuffie's ultimate weapon The Conformer, which you can find in the Sunken Gelnika on disc 2 or disc 3.
  • You can find her level 4 limit break All Creation by beating her father Godo in the Wutai Pagoda. While this is a very strong limit break, it only hits once. Try using her level 3-2 limit break, Doom of the Living, which hits 15 times.
  • Beating Godo will also gain you the Leviathan Materia.
  • After you enter the last dungeon, the North Crater, you can no longer obtain Yuffie.

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