How to Get Rid of Chest Hair


Unwanted chest hair can be bothersome and embarrassing. While men most commonly seek to remove excess chest hair, some women experience chest hair as well. For women, it usually manifests itself as errant hairs on the areola or nipples. For men, it’s common all over the entire chest, and it can often be dense and unruly. If you wish to get rid of chest hair, you have several short- and long-term options to consider.

Things You'll Need

  • Tweezers
  • Razor
  • Shaving cream
  • Depilatory lotion
  • Wax

Pluck chest hairs using a set of high-quality tweezers. This works particularly well for women who only have a few hairs on their chest. For men with lots of chest hair, plucking is too time-consuming and painful, so other hair-removal methods are preferable.

Shave your chest. Use a new razor to ensure that the hair is cut cleanly at the skin's surface. Shaving cream will prevent razor burn and often help you achieve a closer shave. Expect stubble to grow in within 2 to 7 days, depending on your hair's growth rate.

Wax your chest. You can either use a home waxing kit or see a professional. Since hair is pulled out from the roots, you can enjoy a hair-free chest for longer than you do with shaving. Be aware that waxing is painful.

Apply a depilatory lotion to your chest. These chemicals in the lotion eat at the hair, so it dissolves at the skin's surface. When you rinse off the depilatory lotion, your chest hair should also rinse away. Test the depilatory lotion on a small area of your skin before applying it to your entire chest. This ensures that your skin will not react adversely to the lotion.

Consider laser hair removal. This is a long-term option, as it has been shown to permanently reduce body hair. The laser light targets the pigment in your hair, effectively making the hair follicles dormant. You can treat your entire chest in one session; however, hair must be zapped in its growth stage. For most people, four to eight sessions are required to get all the hair.

Look into electrolysis. As the only permanent method of hair removal, electrolysis will absolutely get rid of your chest hair. The technician inserts a needle into each individual hair follicle and releases a zap of electricity to kill the follicle. As you might expect, this is a painstaking process. Depending on the amount of hair you have, it can take many sessions to get rid of all your chest hair.

Tips & Warnings

  • Soothe your chest with antibiotic ointment after you have removed hair from the area.
  • Expect discomfort from various hair-removal methods. Waxing, laser hair removal and electrolysis are all painful.

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