How to Play Guillotine


Guillotine is a fast little card game produced by Wizards of the Coast. The object of the game is to decapitate nobles during the French Revolution. The way this is done is by collecting the noble card closest to the guillotine at the end of each of your turns. The player with the most valuable (beheaded) nobles at the end of the game wins!

  • Shuffle the action card deck, and deal 5 cards to each player. Shuffle the noble deck. Fold out the cardboard guillotine so it can stand up.

  • Start the round by dealing out 12 noble cards in a straight line, placing the guillotine at one end of the line.

  • Start your turn by deciding whether to play an action card from your hand. If you do so, follow the instructions on the card, and then proceed to Step 4. If not, proceed immediately to Step 4.

  • Take the noble at the end of the line closest to the guillotine, and place it in your score pile.

  • End your turn by drawing an action card from the top of the deck. The turn then passes to the next player.

  • End the round when no nobles remain in the line at the end of a turn.

  • Begin a new round by repeating Steps 2 through 6.

  • End the game when 3 rounds have been completed. Count up the numbers on each noble card in front of you, being sure to add any bonuses mentioned on action cards. Whoever has the highest total wins.

Tips & Warnings

  • Curve your noble line to take up less table space.
  • Do not shuffle the noble and action decks together.
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