How to Make a Concrete Walkway

A concrete walkway
A concrete walkway (Image:

If you have a large area in your front yard where you want to eliminate some of the grass, then developing a walkway will be beneficial. Laying a concrete walkway can help your house look more elegant and bring up the property value. Using concrete will give strength and durability as opposed to any other type of walkway.

Things You'll Need

  • Reinforcing mesh
  • Pre-mixed concrete
  • Concrete edger
  • Trowel/squeegee
  • Broom

Design your walkway. Determine if you want a large or small area. You will want to know the length of the walkway to figure out just how much concrete you will need for the project.

Determine the height of the concrete. This will be measured by the height of the grass once cut. This will enable you to cut your grass easier, and it will make the landscape look better. There should be a minimum of 3 inches for the height.

Use wood edging in order to brace where the concrete will go. You will use wooden garden edging to form a guide where the concrete will be poured. Use wooden brackets to brace the boards in the front and back.

Order ready concrete mix. Multiply the height by the width by the length in order to know how much concrete you will need. If you have less than 17 feet, you can attempt to mix the concrete yourself. However, you should buy it for the best results. You will pour the concrete into the area that you have braced off.

Level off the concrete. Use a straight edge to determine if the concrete is level. Use a trowel or squeegee to give it a smooth finish. Use a broom for a non-slippery finish. Once it begins to harden, use an edging tool to give a rounded edge walkway. This will also help prevent any cracks.

Eliminate cracks in the concrete. Use a reinforcing mesh which will be layered over the drying concrete. This will add control to its joints. It will also guide any cracks that may appear and make it less obtrusive.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check the weather before laying the concrete. Do not lay the concrete if it is about to rain. If it is a hot day, you will want to be sure to keep the concrete moist and wet periodically during the drying process to keep moisture and prevent cracks.

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