How to Reduce Your Libido


Libido is a powerful thing. It can enhance your relationship if it is perfectly coupled with your partner, or it can cause emotional strain if unbalanced. In fact, some people complain that a high sex drive actually affects their work and day to day life. Constant images of sex make everyday chores difficult. If you need help lowering your libido, there are several things you can do. Some methods include natural remedies, others require a prescription. Either way, your libido can be reduced with a few changes to your lifestyle.

Things You'll Need

  • Black licorice
  • Soy
  • Take a black licorice supplement every day--300 grams should do the trick. Taking the licorice at the same time each day is most effective in reducing libido. It increases estrogen, which results in lower testosterone. This may, however, make you feel physically weaker as a side effect.

  • Lower your caloric intake for the day. This is a temporary fix for a high libido. If you know you will be in a sexual environment, or surrounded by beautiful people, temporarily restrict your calories. The feeling of hunger lowers testosterone levels.

  • Gain weight. As opposed to the previous step, gaining weight is a long term libido lowering method. The more weight you gain, the more estrogen your body creates, and the lower your sex drive. Also, the less pleased you are with your body image, the lower your libido.

  • Eat a soy burger every day. Soy contains plant estrogen called phytoestrogen. Again, estrogen does a good job of lowering libido. If you prefer meat, there are supplements on the market that contain phytoestrogen.

  • Treat that depression. Anti depressants quickly lower libido. To receive this type of medication, however, you must obtain a prescription from a doctor. That being said, this method is reserved for those that are already depressed and didn't realize the drugs could do double duty.

Tips & Warnings

  • All libido lowering methods have some sort of side effect. If you have a real problem with your sex drive, consider talking to a doctor or psychiatrist to see if you can fix the problem psychologically.
  • Don't take over 300 grams of black licorice. It can be bad for your liver.
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