How to Become an Ecological Guru in The Sims 2


Getting to the top of the Natural Science career track isn't easy. It requires a lot of studying, long hours, lots of contacts and a great love for the natural world. If you think your Sim is up to it, get them started on the path to becoming an Ecological Guru. It could pay off for them.

  • Become a morning Sim. With the exception of the highest level, all the working hours of the Natural Science career are in the morning. If your Sim likes to stay up late and sleep in late, you will need to either buy them an alarm clock or find another job for them. Natural Science is not for the late risers!

  • Build something. Whether you restore a car, fix your own appliances or read a book, your Natural Science Sim needs to have an intimate knowledge of the way moving things work (mechanics.) Your Sim will need all ten Mechanical points to become an Ecological Guru.

  • Keep a clean house. Most Sims who have more than a couple points in Cleanliness will want to do this naturally, but some may need a little prodding. Cleaning is an essential skill to have for someone who will potentially be working in sterile environments such as test chambers and bio-labs. Your Sim will need to be masterfully competent with cleanliness (eight points) to become an Ecological Guru.

  • Exercise your body and your mind. Natural Science Sims need more than a sharp mind to carry out their experiments. The need for knowledge of other animals is matched only by the need to know one's self. Your Sim will need eight points in Body and ten points in Logic to reach the top.

  • Make lots of friends. Every job is about who you know. The more friends you have, the farther you will go. The Natural Science career track is no exception. You need to know the right people to secure research grants, find lab facilities and a good lawyer to sanction your "extracurricular" experiments. Your Sim will need 12 friends to make it to Ecological Guru.

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