How to Make a Coaster from Old Magazines


Don’t throw away your old magazines. Instead, use the colorful pages to make stylish and functional coasters. This project is a great way to recycle things in your home into useful items.

Things You'll Need

  • Old magazines
  • Glue
  • Spray gloss
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Tear out several pages from old magazines. The more colorful the page, the more colorful your coaster will be. Start with at least 12 to make a coaster that will hold a soda can. You can add more for a larger coaster.

  • Take a page and start folding the longest edge by making ¼-inch folds over and over until the entire page is one long strip. You will want the colorful side of the page to be on the bottom before you start folding so it will show the color when your paper strip is complete.

  • Take your paper strip and make sure the folds are tight. You can glue it together if you are having trouble holding it flat and straight.

  • Roll up the paper until you run out of paper and it has formed a round roll. Apply a liberal amount of glue to the rolled paper until the end stays attached to the rest of the roll.

  • Take another page of a magazine and make another strip. Attach the end to the roll and apply glue to the inside of the strip. Roll it along the first roll until your roll starts to get larger. Keep going until the next strip is gone.

  • Continue to add folded strips of magazine pages until the coaster is the desired size. Apply glue as you attach the paper. When you are finished, apply glue to the top and bottom of the coaster as well -- where you would sit the beverage. Let it seep into the coaster so it will stay together and not unravel. Let it dry completely.

  • Spray the finished disk with a waterproof spray gloss and allow it to dry completely. You can then add an optional ribbon border of any color. Cut the ribbon to fit along the outer edge of your coaster, as if you were adding another strip of magazine paper, and hot glue it on.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also add other accents to your coaster along the outer edge, such as beads, glitter or paint.
  • You may want to wash your hands regularly when using Mod Podge so your hands will not stick to the magazine strips and tear them.
  • Work over a protected surface when working with Mod Podge. It cannot be washed off once it is dry.

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