RV Renting in Ohio

If you're taking a trip, renting an RV can be a great way to see Ohio on the road, or even travel to neighboring states. If you rent an RV in Ohio, you could take a vacation to Chicago, Nashville or even New York. There are many types of vehicles to choose from, and your vacation can be very comfortable with the amenities offered. RV renting in Ohio is full of potential adventures for you and loved ones.


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      Plan in advance. Some RV rentals, like Wilson RV in Sunbury, Ohio, sell out of RVs months in advance. If you want a specific type of RV, reserve it as soon as you know about your vacation. Certain websites for RV rentals, like Performance RV in Thornville, take reservations online.

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      Think about how many people you're taking. Most RVs up to 37 feet can carry up to eight people in RVs. Compact RVs of 22 feet can fit a family of 4, so it depends on how much space you need and want.

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      Find an RV rental place close to where you live in Ohio. Cruise America has locations in most major cities like Columbus and Cleveland. If you live further from major cities, search for a rental location closest to you, like General RV Center in North Canton. Also make sure that the RV rental location you choose has the type of RV you want.

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      Consider how much you want to spend for RV renting. This will depend on the type of RV you want, how many days you will travel and how far you plan to go. Each RV has a set limit of miles allowed each day or total. Calculate the total of what you want to spend.

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      Decide whether you need the RV dropped off or if you can pick it up. If you're camping, find a rental place that will deliver your RV to the campground, like Wilson RV. Rent-a-RV will deliver and pick up for you. Check the costs if you need your RV dropped off somewhere, and make sure the rental place is as close to your drop-off spot as possible.

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