How to Hang Sweaters


Whether you have limited drawer space or you're simply not a fan of folding, you may decide to hang up your sweaters. If you're not careful, though, hanging can stretch knitted garments. Some hangers can dig into your sweater fabric, creating obvious lumps at the shoulders that aren't easy to remove. But with a little clever storage, you can avoid these sweater snafus without sacrificing your dresser's real estate.

The Draped Effect

  • Fold your sweater in half lengthwise, sleeves together, and lay it on a surface with the collar facing you. The sweater's body and arms will form a V. Set your hanger on the V with the hook pointing away from you. Drape the body of the sweater over one side of the hanger and the arms over the other side. Your sweater will hang without stretching.

Raising the Bar

  • Another way you can let your sweaters hang without damage is by employing a hanger's center bar. Simply fold your sweater in half lengthwise and drape over it. This method works best with a wooden hanger -- the texture will help to prevent your garment from sliding off. Provide further security by placing a sheet of tissue paper beneath your sweater which will also keep it from slipping.

Hangers On

  • If you simply must hang your sweaters the old fashioned way, then be mindful to choose the right hanger. Invest in heavily padded styles or those with wide, rounded shoulders, which won't put as much stress directly on the shoulder seam of your pullovers. Hard, slim hangers -- especially flimsy wire hangers -- will dig in and cause the fibers to become misshapen.

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