How to Write a Product Review Request Letter


You’ve got a great product, you’ve designed assets to help promote your product, and you’ve received several testimonies from product users. The next step is to market your product to the masses. You can do that two ways: ad campaigns or word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth advertising, however, is only as beneficial as the person or company spreading the word so take the time to find websites, blogs, and publications that match your target audience. Once you’ve compiled your list, write a master review request letter, then tailor it to meet the needs of each publication.

Things You'll Need

  • Product details
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Contact list

Introduce your company and product.

  • Include your sender’s address. In the upper left corner of your letter, write the company name, contact name, email address and company address.

  • Write the salutation. Address the person you want to review your product by name. It shows the reviewer that you’ve done your homework and that you’re serious about getting a review placed on his website or blog, or in his publication.

  • Introduce yourself. Share two or three sentences about you, the creator. Don’t go into a long spiel about how you got into the business or blab on and on about the coverage you received. It will bore the reader. Keep it short and sweet.

  • Introduce your product. Give a general overview of your product in less than three sentences. Think of this as your “elevator” pitch. Save the details for later in the letter; this area should simply entice the reader to want to learn more about your product.

  • Give your reason for writing. Be clear and concise. Request a review of your product. Something simple like, “I would be honored if you’d take the time to review my product on your blog [or website, or in your publication]. In exchange for an unbiased review, I’ll provide a copy of the product. Details to follow.”

  • Sign your letter. Provide an ending salutation followed up with your name and your role in the company--for example, CEO, public relations manager or public relations associate.

Explain your terms

  • Include buying information. If your product can only be purchased via your website, state so. If your product can be purchased through various outlets, include a list of those outlets starting with outlets that offer affiliate programs, followed by outlets that do not offer affiliate programs. Include contact information such as store name and web address.

  • Specify the product’s price. Price is often an important element in deciding whether or not one can afford to buy the product. Some websites and blogs require the listing price to be included in the review so including your price can be beneficial to the review.

  • Provide details. Product packaging may not be clear on specifics you want the reviewer to showcase or touch on in his review. Providing the details you’d like to see used in the review can help the reviewer write a more well-rounded review.

  • Explain the type of review you’re looking for. While product review sites are known for their unbiased reviews, you can let the reviewer know what your company is looking for in the review by providing specifics like how certain improvements have made the product more valuable.

  • Give a deadline. If your company wants reviews to coincide with a launch date, suggest a date and/or timeframe for posting the review—even if it’s a two-week leeway before and after the product lunch.

  • Include links to imagery and video footage. You’ll make the reviewer’s life a whole lot easier and practically guarantee a review if you include a place for your reviewers to obtain images and video footage of your product. Images could be close-up shots, shots of your product in action and advertising campaigns. Video footage could be advertising clips, clips of the manufacturing process or client usage.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use "Writer’s Market" to locate publications that may be interested in your product.
  • Do a search online for “request a review” plus your target market to help you compile your list.
  • Be specific, but not arrogant or overly demanding.
  • Allow reviewers leeway in writing the review.

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