How to Keep an Indoor Cat From Getting Bored


Indoor cats need interesting things to play with and explore to keep from getting bored. When you keep your cat entertained, you’re more likely to keep him out of trouble. Boredom can especially set in when the owners are gone throughout the day. If you want to keep your cat occupied, there are a few items that you can consider giving to your cat to use.

  • Bring in a cat tunnel. Some of the tunnels can be as long as you want them to be because you can buy extra pieces to attach to the ends. Some of them have hanging toys that the cat can play with as they work their way through. There are also windows in the tunnel that your cat can peek through.

  • Give your cat a plastic ball that has a jingle bell on the inside. Some cats can chase the ball around for quite awhile before getting bored. The jingling noise coming from the inside of the ball will intrigue them as well. You can find this type of ball in several different sizes in most pet stores.

  • Buy a scratching post. Cats love to scratch things and if you don’t give them something appropriate to scratch, they’ll end up doing it on something of their own choice. Sometimes it could end up being your favorite piece of furniture. You can find scratching posts in several forms. Some are flat, some are standing up and tall, and others can be part of cat houses. Prices range depending on what type you choose.

  • Put up a window perch. Many cats love looking out a window and watching the world go by. There are those that also like feeling the warm sun on them. Consider putting a couple of window perches around your home so your cat can peek out. Think about putting them in separate locations so that your cat can see different views.

  • Buy a cat tree. Some can be quite elaborate. The more elaborate they are, the more they usually cost. They can include scratching posts, seats, toys, steps and hiding spots. There are sizes that you can choose from that range from small to very large.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't want to buy items, give your cat a basic paper bag or box. Some cats are perfectly content with hiding out in one of these items. They scratch them, roll around in them and sleep in them. After your cat investigates it, chances are he’ll end up becoming fascinated with it.

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