How to Format a Cell for Percentages in Excel

When entering data into a specific cell in Microsoft Excel, the information is presented in a way that depends on what type of formatting you choose to assign to a cell. Formatting a cell improves the appearance of a spreadsheet, but does not change the number that was entered itself.


    • 1

      Choose the specific cell, column or row which should be converted to a percentage.

    • 2

      Select "Format" from the standard tool bar and click "Cells" to open the Format Cells dialog box.

    • 3

      Click the "Number" tab on the Format Cell dialog box.

    • 4

      Select the "Percentage" option from the category list on the left side of the dialog box.

    • 5

      Choose the number of decimal places to be included in the percentage and click "OK."

Tips & Warnings

  • You can either format before or after entering your data.
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