How to Host an Italian-Inspired Potluck

Many people count dishes like pasta, bread, soup and desserts among their favorite comfort foods. All of these things are even better when shared with good friends. Hosting an Italian-inspired potluck is a delicious way to bring these two things together. Include an Italian game to get conversation flowing--and don't forget to have someone bring the wine.

Things You'll Need

  • Invitations
  • Rustic breads
  • 2 selections of cheese
  • 2 selections of wine
  • Coffee
  • Heavy cream
  • Sugar
  • Jazz or Italian music CD
  1. Prepare for the Party

    • 1

      Choose a date for your potluck celebration. An Italian potluck doesn't take very much time to plan so you don't need to make the date to far into the future.

    • 2

      Write your invitations. Choose stationery that carries your Italian theme. Postcards of Italy work well, as does cardstock with grapevines and olives.

    • 3

      Suggest that your guests RSVP with their dishes. You want to have a variety of at least four entrees to choose from. Select one or two guests to bring dessert dishes. Select another guest to bring a bottle of wine. Have all guests bring copies of their recipes for a recipe swap if they are comfortable.

    • 4

      Ask two guests to also bring playing cards for an Italian card game. A standard deck of cards will work.

    • 5

      Prepare or purchase about three loaves of flaky, crusty bread the day of the dinner. You can embellish these loaves using any method you want. Don't worry about having too much bread for just a few guests as they can nibble all night.

    • 6

      Buy two distinctly different types of flavorful cheese from a small delicatessen or specialty shop. Ask someone at the store what they recommend to go with an Italian dinner.

    • 7

      Choose two bottles of wine--one white and one red. Don't worry about having the very best wines. A mid-grade wine from the grocer will do. Remember that a guest will be bringing his favorite to share.

    • 8

      Set out your cheeses and breads and let your wine breathe an hour before guests arrive.

    • 9

      Turn on your music.

    • 10

      Take out any utensils and tools that will be needed before guests arrive.

    Host the Potluck

    • 1

      Greet your guests and offer them bread, wine and cheese.

    • 2

      Begin serving food as soon as all guests have arrived.

    • 3

      Sit down together and take your time over the meal. Savor the different foods that have been presented and allow conversation to dictate when the dinner course is over.

    • 4

      Play an Italian card game between dinner and dessert (see Resources below).

    • 5

      Enjoy dessert in the same manner you lingered over dinner. Serve coffee and condiments with dessert.

    • 6

      Lay out recipes for guests to take as they leave. Be sure that everyone packs their dishes up, and wrap any leftovers in tinfoil and offer them to guests to take home.

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