How to Propose on New Year's Day


New Year's Day is full of symbolism. To nearly everybody, this special day represents the turning of a page or even the opening of a new book. It's a day of new beginnings, to make resolutions you fully intend to keep and to cherish the fact that a new year lies ahead of you. It's a time to plan and dream up all that can happen in the coming year. A proposal on New Year's Day is perfect. It's the starting of the next phase of your lives as a couple on a day that the world can understand as a time of celebration. Romance is easily in the air on this day, and a proposal on New Year's Day is dramatic and profound. Take a deep breath. You can propose on this important holiday with ease.

  • Prepare a speech well ahead of New Year's Day. Yes, you want everything to come straight from your heart and be completely sincere. When it comes to life-changing moments and committing the rest of your life to someone--and asking someone to commit the rest of her life to you--it's important to plan ahead with what you are going to say. It's not scripting it if it's simply getting clear in your mind exactly all the things that the two of you will need to hear expressed during your proposal. Promise her what she's always wanted from you as long as you are sure that you can give that to her as her husband.

  • Pick somewhere especially wonderful to go for New Year's Eve. This will not be at all suspicious, unlike an uneventful day when you specifically book a dinner at a restaurant that's out of the budget for both of you. Your girlfriend will not suspect a thing when you splurge. It's New Year's, after all. Take advantage of that fact, and go some place for just the two of you where you can set the tone for the romantic day that she will have before her.

  • Kiss your girlfriend as the clock strikes midnight. With a proposal and marriage coming this coming year, you want to start it off right. Get her completely alone, away from others who may distract her if friends have somehow managed to join you. Yes, you had to not act suspicious. It's understandable if she wanted to invite siblings, friends or cousins. Smile and go with the flow. Do nothing to give away your secret proposal plan.

  • Start the proposal shortly after midnight. Postponing it too late in the evening can create an awkward moment if either of you get too tired for you to go through with it. Recreating the excitement the next evening is going to be a tad bit difficult. Consider getting down on bended knee right after the midnight kiss.

  • Speak from your heart. Remember what you have prepared. The last thing you want to do is sound like you are reading from note cards. At this point, you should have rehearsed and read the speech so much that it is second nature. Simply keep the basics in mind. Speak straight from the heart. Let her know how much you love her and how much you want to marry her.

  • Pull out the ring during the midst of your speech as you stay on one knee. It is important to pull the ring out as a prelude to the actual proposal. Seeing her face light up at the sight of the ring you've chosen specifically as her engagement ring will be a memory you'll always keep. Be calm as you present her with the ring. Finish your speech by kissing her hand. Wait for her reaction.

  • Smile when she says yes! Put the ring directly on her finger. You want to take her hand gently when doing so. Hold her hand in your own with one hand. With the other hand, slide the ring slowly onto her finger. Admire her, look her in the eyes and tell her how you feel as she wears the engagement ring for the first time. Rise and take her in your arms, kissing her again. Congratulations!

  • Go to all the New Year's parties that all your friends are having, showing off the ring and celebrating your great news. If your families are local, it's the perfect day off for everybody. Stop by and tell everybody. News like this should be made in person. Families won't get suspicious when you make sudden plans to see them. It's a holiday. You've picked the perfect day to take everybody by surprise.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't propose until you are sure that she will say yes. Talk about it a month or so in advance so that you know that you are both on the same page, yet give it enough time so that she doesn't suspect a thing.

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