How to Buy a Pet Spider Monkey


Spider monkeys are small primates that weigh about 20 lbs. and stand about 3 feet high. These monkeys are playful, social, friendly and oftentimes destructive. Though cute, they require as much time and effort as a human child. It's important to remember that monkeys are still wild animals and can be unpredictable. However, they are still adoptable and can be good pets.

Things You'll Need

  • Cage
  • Climbing apparatus
  • Bedding area
  • Monkey feed
  • Make sure you can own a spider monkey. Some states and some countries do not allow people to own any type of primate, so it is important to check out the rules and regulations where you live.

  • Be certain you want a spider monkey. Consider that spider monkeys can be destructive and have the same emotional and social needs as humans. However, they will never be potty-trained, they're expensive and they can carry diseases which can be passed to their human owners. Few vets will treat them and the vets that do treat them will be costly. Be very certain that you really want a spider monkey before buying it. They may be cute, but cute can cost.

  • Find a dealer. Buy a spider monkey from certified dealers only. Monkeys are often traded illegally and you want to avoid involvement in that at all costs. You can look at exotic pet stores, or check for dealers online (see Resources). You may also find a dealer nearby, and if you go that route, request pictures and go see the monkey and its habitat in person. That way, you can make sure it's healthy and see how it's prepared so you can see how to make your own.

  • Build the spider monkey's habitat. Put together the area where your spider monkey will live. Spider monkeys come from a wet, warm climate and do not adjust well to cold, so it's important that the climate will be constantly maintained. They also need to be able to climb and have a lot to climb on as that is part of their natural habitat and they spend most of their time swinging in trees (see Resources).

Tips & Warnings

  • Find a veterinarian nearby who will treat spider monkeys, will handle emergencies and is willing to give it the proper immunizations
  • Puppies are social and destructive, and so are spider monkeys. Consider the story books about Curious George and make sure you're ready for what you're getting yourself into.

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