How to Make Money Dumpster Diving


Opportunities to make money seem to be around every corner. You can’t watch television or surf the web without seeing yet another money-making idea, plan or scheme. A lot of them are scams; you pay so much and you learn how to become a millionaire in no time. They promise you can quit your job and live off the interest of whatever idea they happen to be pitching.

Why waste time and money falling for those scams? You can make money without a huge investment. Look around your neighborhood and do a little dumpster diving. You won’t be able to quit your job, but you will have extra money in your pocket. Follow these suggestions and you can join those who have learned the art of dumpster diving for money.

Find a good location for dumpsters. Scope out your city or town and find the ritzier areas. You can find good “trash” anywhere, but these locales usually have the best. Don’t limit yourself just to residential dumpsters. Businesses throw out things you can recycle for money. Some clothing stores even throw out clothes that can’t be sold for one reason or another. They can still be worn, and someone out there will want them. Work harder, not smarter, and find the good stuff that you don’t have to put as much time, effort and money into. When you find such a place, keep going back.

Know what you are looking for. With a coat of paint, that wooden chair can be refurbished and sold for much more than the cost of paint. Those children’s clothes can be washed and ironed and sold. You can even keep them for your children. Saving money on buying clothes is the same thing as making money. Businesses throw out used computers, office supplies and all sorts of other things you can sell for cash.

Know what you do not want. One man’s trash is another’s man’s treasure, but not all the time. Examine what you find and decide whether it is worth taking with you. Leave behind anything that you wouldn’t use yourself, if you had the need for it. If the item will take a lot of time, effort and money to refurbish, you may want to leave it behind.

Remember that not everyone recycles. Aluminum cans add up quickly, especially when they cost nothing to get. Iron, copper and other metals can be sold for a nice chunk of change. Learn to watch the market for the best prices. Know which recycling centers pay the most. Call around and ask questions. Keep track of which days the prices are higher; you might find a pattern and make more money just by paying attention.

Be creative in how you make money from your dumpster finds. Don’t limit yourself to eBay and other online auctions. Have a garage sale or take the items to a consignment store. If you have an “inventory,” you can even rent space at a local flea market to sell the things you find. Ads in the local newspapers are not expensive and can help you get rid of what you find quickly.

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