How to Dress for a Dog Show

Dress for a Dog Show
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Dog shows are fast-paced, busy events that require not only dedication but flexibility. In order to succeed, you must have a well-trained canine--and you have to be able to pull together an outfit that compliments both you and your dog. Your show outfit should show off the dog’s best features without distracting the judge. Proper attire can make or break your day in the show ring.

Things You'll Need

  • Comb
  • Hair ties or barrettes

Pick a color that contrasts with your dog. A light outfit is best if you are showing a dark-colored dog, while dark clothing looks best when paired with a white dog.

Avoid any loose or flapping clothing that will distract the judge from looking at your dog. If you're showing a bigger dog, you can get away with longer outfits, so choose carefully.

Know that you can wear either pants or a skirt, but the outfit needs to be appropriate. Business-style clothing works well, since it is dressy enough to put forth a professional appearance in the ring.

Opt for flat shoes, as you will be running around the ring. Select a shoe with traction, so you do not slip or fall while showing your dog. Flat pumps with a rubber sole are very appropriate for the ring.

Pull your hair back so that it is not hanging in your face. Braids or a bun are commonly seen in the ring, as are simple ponytails. The style does not matter, as long as you will not be distracted by flapping hair as you gait and groom your dog.

Wear old clothes when you bathe and groom your dog the day of the show. You do not want to wear your show outfit and ruin it while preparing your dog for the ring.

Change just before you are due to show your dog. Use a lint brush or other removal device to pull of any stray hairs that could distract from your appearance. A pulled-together, clean appearance will give you all the confidence you need to succeed at a dog show.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wear clothing that is in good condition. There should be no tears, holes, or strings on your outfit. You want to put forth a very professional appearance while in the ring.
  • Never wear revealing or low-cut clothing, as it makes a poor impression on the judge. Remember, the dog is the one being looked at, not you.

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