How to Safely Pack a Flat Panel TV for Moving


Taking the time to properly pack your fragile possessions, including your flat-panel television, can prevent them from being damaged during a move. Whether you are packing up a plasma or LCD television, you must wrap it carefully and make sure that the screen is protected. If you kept your TV's original packaging, you can re-use these materials. Otherwise, you can purchase packing materials from a moving company or any office supply store. When you pack your flat-panel television, keep it upright at all times.

  • Disconnect all cables attached to the back panel of your flat-screen TV. Removing the cables will protect your television from damage while it is being moved. After disconnecting the cables, wrap the power cord that is still attached to the television and secure it with a twist tie or Velcro strap.

  • Wrap the television in one or two layers of thin foam to protect the screen from damage. Keep the unit in an upright position. Wrap an additional layer or two of bubble wrap on top of the thin foam layer. Bubble wrap will afford the screen additional protection. Foam sheeting and bubble wrap can be purchased at any office supply store.

  • Go to one side of the television and have a helper stand on the other side. Lift the TV so that both sides remain level and slide it into the original box or a packing container that you've purchased from a moving company such as U-Haul or a moving supply company.

  • Close the top lid and seal it with heavy-duty packing tape. Reinforce the sides of the box with packing tape. After securing the box, mark each side with "Fragile" and "Keep Upright."


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