How to Dress for a Date

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Dress for a date

What to wear on a date can perplex even the most fashionable man or woman. Using the following tips, any woman can learn how to dress for a date appropriately without fear of making a bad impression or committing a fashion faux pas. Before you say yes to a potential love connection, remember these tips to dress for a date with style and confidence.


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      Ask your suitor for date details. Strolls along the beach require a bathing suit and flip flops, but plans for dinner and a movie call for a more casual look. Before you dress for an upcoming date, inquire about the special event in advance. Once you determine the activities and locations for your rendezvous, you can be prepared to dress well on any date.

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      Think about your first date outfit carefully. You only have one time to make a first impression. Don’t blow your potential love match with a terrible outfit. Dress for a first date with caution. Think about the silent messages that your wardrobe can convey. Showing a little skin is appreciated, but too much cleavage or too tight of clothes can be a dating distraction.

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      Wear the best outfits in your wardrobe to impress your suitor. A date is never the time to wear a new garment that is a style risk or might be considered too controversial. Pull out your finest attire and you’ll receive rave reviews on your date. Keep your confidence high with a fabulous outfit that will provide comfort and style. Wear only the outfits that receive the most compliments from your friends and family to amaze your date.

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      Dress for dating shoe emergencies. The single life is filled with surprises. Sometimes it’s impossible for you to plan every detail of a date. Any woman on a date should keep her high-heel and footwear options below 2 inches. If you are wearing killer stilettos and your date has planned a trip for two on a sailboat, the high heels will have to stay on shore. If you are a woman who can’t part with her high heels, carry a pair of flats with you just in case of a shoe dating emergency.

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      Be comfortable and fashionable. A date is a love interview and current fashion is always appropriate dress for a date. Nothing blocks a love match more that too tight jeans, an uncomfortable dress or outdated fashion. Unless your date loves vintage style, save your 1980s fashion for a retro party or Halloween costume.

Tips & Warnings

  • Dress for a date like a job interview. Plan each clothing option with careful consideration and precision.

  • Steer clear of bold or daring clothing options.

  • Women should wear minimal makeup and choose a hairstyle that is flattering to the face.

  • Avoid purchasing a new outfit for your date.

  • Don’t overpower your dates with too much cologne or perfume.

  • Dress for a date appropriately. Wearing jeans to a fancy dinner or a mini-skirt to ride a roller coaster could cause a dating fashion disaster.

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