How to Make Concrete Paving Blocks


There is an extremely easy way for any homeowner to make concrete paving blocks--and to personalize each block if they choose. The ingredients are rather simple--aluminum baking pans, plus concrete water and a little sand.

Things You'll Need

  • Aluminum baking pans
  • Bag of concrete mix
  • Mixing tub
  • Hoe
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Tub of Petroleum jelly
  • Purchase several pie tins. Try to find tins that are as plain as possible or which have a design on the bottom which corresponds to a design you would like on your paving stones.

  • Mix concrete and sand as per manufacturer's instructions in your mixing tub. Use your hoe to thoroughly mix the concrete.

  • Coat the inside of each pie tin with petroleum jelly as a release agent. Place anything on the bottom of the pie tin that would personalize your stones if desired--things such as sea shells or plastic letters that spell out names. If using plastic letters, coat each letter lightly with petroleum jelly.

  • Fill pie tins with concrete to the top. If personalized items have been added to the bottom of the tin, it is best to carefully scoop in the concrete using a ladle or large spoon so as not to move the personalizing items as the concrete is added.

  • Allow the concrete to dry for 12 hours or as per manufacturer's instructions. Turn over each pie tin and carefully remove each paving stone. Concrete should come out of pie tins easily. Wide side of pavers goes down on the ground.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not add aggregate to your concrete unless you wish to have the gravel clearly visible in your finished paving blocks.
  • Pie tines can be reused, allowing you to make many paving blocks with a small number of tins.
  • Allow plenty of time for drying. Do not stress the paving stones until they have dried for at least a full 48 hours.

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