How to Play a Morninglord in Dungeons & Dragons


A Morninglord is a prestige class for clerics and paladins of sun gods in the Dungeons & Dragons games. Though technically created as a prestige class for the Forgotten Realms sun god Lathander, the Morninglord can be adapted to any of the sun deities. The key to playing a morninglord is a hatred of the undead and the ability as either a paladin or cleric to turn undead and cast priestly spells.

Things You'll Need

  • Player's guide to the Forgotten Realms
  • Dungeons & Dragons players handbook
  • Dice
  • Character sheet
  • Begin playing as either a cleric or a paladin of one of the sun deities. The prestige class is specifically a morninglord of Lathander but can be adapted to fit any of the sun gods. Be sure to invest skill points in performance. Eight levels of performance skill are required before you can become a morninglord.

  • Choose your feats wisely. Morninglords require extra turning as a feat, and an initiate of Lathander is also a good feat to have in combination with this prestige class. As an initiate of Lathander, you have access to some spells that are not available to other clerics, even other clerics of Lathander. The only required feat is endurance, one that is largely worthless. However, as a morninglord you will get the feat mettle, and endurance is a prerequisite for it. Together, they make the morninglord essentially immune to fear.

  • Get used to operating in full sunlight. One of the side effects of the Morninglord prestige class is that all of your light spells are cast at a higher level and have a larger radius. Get party members used to the idea of operating in very bright places. This may not go over well with rogues and other sneaky-type characters.

  • Invest lots of skill points in your knowledge religion skill. Since the primary directive of the Morninglords is to fight undead, you should expect the game master to insert a lot of them into your campaign. The knowledge skill to recognize undead and know how best to beat them is knowledge religion. The better you can recognize the enemy, the better you can defeat them.

  • Wear lots of bright colors. Morninglords and all worshippers of Lathander wear the colors of sunrise, ranging from midnight blue to the lavenders and pinks of sunrise and bright yellows and oranges. This character will stand out in a crowd.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider putting a high stat into charisma, as the number of turning attempts the character gets each day is based on the charisma modifier. Turning is a huge weapon for Morninglords.
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