How to Find Acting Auditions for Your Child

If your child has expressed interest in acting, you'll have to make the committment with them to pursue it. Acting involves auditions, meetings, classes and performing, and a child can't go at it alone! If you have made the committment, you have to get out there and find them some auditions.

Things You'll Need

  • Headshot
  • Resume (For Child)


    • 1

      Have a photographer take some good headshots of your child. Headshots should be 8x10, and should show the child in his or her natural light. No makeup, no hats, no jewelry and no overly posed photo's. Casting directors can tell by looking if the photo is overly posed and will not call that child in for an audition.

    • 2

      Draft a resume for your child. Resume's should be cut to fit on the back of the headshots, and stapled in the four corners. It is important to staple the resume because resume's are always changing and you need to be able to remove and reattach resumes. On the resume, you should have contact information, child information, such as size and weight, as well as any experience the child has on film, TV, Theater or any acting classes. At the bottom of the resume, put their special skills, such as dancing, singing, sports, etc.

    • 3

      Sign up with online submission websites. (See resources). These jobs are usually low to no pay, but are great resume builders. Short films and student films may not pay, but they can be added to the resume. A good resume will be key to getting your child those higher paying auditions or securing an agent.

    • 4

      Check your local newspaper in the Arts section for a list of auditions. Most will be theater auditions, but that is a good resume builder as well. There will also be other local audition information as well.

    • 5

      Browse craigslist for auditions. Here you will find mostly casting calls for student or short films, but occasionally agencies post on there as well. Please use caution when browsing craigslist!

    • 6

      Network with other moms of kids in the business. Great sites for this may be Backstage or Ivillage.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be patient. Statistics should you need to submit and or audition for 67 parts to get one.
  • Do your research before auditioning on who you are going to see.
  • Make sure you are auditioning in a public area.
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