How to Get Your Boyfriend to Propose


There are few things more frustrating for a woman than waiting for her man to pop the question when she's more than ready to tie the knot. While every guy is different and there is no surefire way to secure a proposal, there are several steps you can take to foster this big moment and possibly speed it along.

  • Bring up common dreams and long term goals the two of you share. If this is presented in a gentle, friendly way, this may help your man think about the future and how being married to you is an integral part of that future. The most important point is not to push him into this thinking, as it may scare him out of a proposal.

  • Create romantic moments where he may feel the urge to pop the question, if you think he is close. Give your boyfriend plenty of time and fair warning for your romantic getaway in order for him to possibly visit a jeweler.

  • Take your boyfriend to a wedding and see how he reacts. Sometimes seeing other loving couples in similar situations can light a spark in someone’s head. The excitement and romance of a wedding can have the right effect on a guy who is on the fence about marriage.

  • Listen for signs that he is thinking about marriage and gently encourage it. When he says things like, “If we ever have kids…” or, “Someday when we’re retired…” it’s clear his mind is beyond just dating. Have him explore those feelings more by asking simple questions related to the statements.

  • Be patient with your man. When it comes down to it, forcing or coaxing a proposal will probably not lead to a happy marriage. Only he will know when the time is right to propose. Show some patience and faith in his decision making.

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