How to Replace a Leaf Spring in a Chevy Silverado

Your Chevy Silverado most likely has leaf springs in the rear suspension. A confident novice can follow these steps to replace the leaf springs in a Chevy Silverado using little more than a torque wrench, an extra wrench to counter hold, and jack stands, ramps or a lift to support the truck safely.

Things You'll Need

  • Torque wrench
  • Wrench
  • Jack stands, ramps or lift
  • New U-bolts


    • 1

      Raise and safely support your Chevy Silverado. You're going to need a hydraulic lift, jack stands or ramps rated as sufficient to support your truck's weight safely. Never work underneath your Chevy Silverado--or any vehicle--when it's supported only by a jack.

    • 2

      Support the rear axle independently of the lift in Step 1. This is meant to take the tension off the leaf spring on each side, not to support the weight of the vehicle.

    • 3

      Remove or disconnect the real time damping sensors and trailer hitch if your vehicle has them. You will also need to disconnect the fuel tank if you are working on the left side leaf spring.

    • 4

      Unbolt the U-bolt nuts and U-bolts, then remove the spring spacer and anchor plate. Remove the nut and bolt holding the shackle to the frame bracket, remove the bolt from the front spring bracket, and take the leaf spring assembly out of the vehicle. Then remove the shackle from the old spring and attach it to the new spring.

    • 5

      Assemble the spring shackle brackets loosely to the frame of the truck, and then install the bolt and the nut for the shackle. Place the leaf spring in your truck and loosely assemble it to the front hanger, and then connect the following in this order: front spring hanger bracket bolt and nut, shackle-to-spring bolt and nut, spring spacer, new U-bolts and anchor plate; then tighten the nuts on the U-bolts. Do not reuse the old U-bolts.

    • 6

      Reinstall the fuel tank, trailer hitch and RTD sensors if they were removed. Remove the independent support from the rear axle, and then carefully lower your vehicle to the ground.

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