How to Prune Pomegranate Trees

The pomegranate is by nature a bushy plant. It requires lots of pruning and patience to turn it into a tree. Most people let it grow as a bush, but for those who would rather enjoy its beautiful foliage as a tree and harvest fewer fruits, pruning is an option.

Things You'll Need

  • Loppers
  • Pruning salve
  • Tall tree stakes and ties


    • 1

      Prune pomegranates in the early spring, before the new leaves start to appear.

    • 2

      Identify the trunk of your pomegranate. There will be many shoots coming up from the main trunk of the bush, and they need to be identified as the ones to take off.

    • 3

      Grab your loppers and remove the extraneous shoots. Compost or discard in the trash.

    • 4

      Put pruning salve on the cut shoots or suckers to prevent insects, bacteria or viruses from entering the exposed tissue after you remove the shoot.

    • 5

      Continue until you have shaped your pomegranate the way you want it to look.

    • 6

      Stake the main stem by pounding stakes into the ground, and tying the stem in several places to hold the tree up in the event of strong winds. Pomegranates have relatively soft wood, and they blow easily. However, since the wood is so soft and flexible, it's rare to lose a branch to the wind.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can prune a pomegranate to the ground, and it will survive the trauma, and produce new suckers soon after pruning.
  • If you prune your pomegranate, you will get fewer pomegranate fruit. If you grow them for the produce, you may not want to prune it at all, except to keep the rampant growth in check.
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