How to Get the Wing Cap on "Super Mario 64"

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Get the Wing Cap on "Super Mario 64"

"Super Mario 64" was released in North America on September 29, 1996. It was one of the first games released for the Nintendo 64 console, and it has since become a bestseller. In 2010, it is available for purchase on the Nintendo Wii's "Virtual Console," and a version was also released for the Nintendo DS. Unlocking the ability to get wing caps in "Super Mario 64" is necessary to get many of the stars in the game.


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      Start up "Super Mario 64" and select the game file you've been playing with. If you do not already have a file, create a new one.

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      Begin collecting (or continue to collect) power stars. When you go inside the castle, there will be doors all around you. All of the doors are numbered, and some of them are locked. You'll be able to go into the lowest-numbered doors first.

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      Continue playing the levels until you obtain 10 power stars. You'll gain stars by completing levels. You can also get a star by collecting 100 coins in a level.

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      Go into the large, main room of the castle once you have obtained 10 power stars. Stand on the large octagon with the sun in the middle of it; it is directly between the main entrance and the foot of the stairs. Make sure you're standing in the middle of the sun and are facing the stairs.

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      Press the button that allows you to look around from Mario's point of view and look straight up towards the roof. Rotate Mario's view until he is staring directly into the sunlight. You will be taken to a secret world.

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      Fly around the secret world (you will be wearing a wing cap) and land on the tower in the middle of the level before your wing power runs out. There is a switch on this tower.

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      Jump on the switch. This will activate all of the wing cap boxes that were inaccessible earlier in the game. Whenever you see a red box in the game, you can get a wing cap by jumping and hitting it with your head.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some power stars are only accessible with a wing cap, so get it as soon as you have 10 power stars.

  • You can collect coins in the secret world, including eight red coins. Get them all to obtain another star.

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