How to Play Floor Hockey


Floor hockey is a close cousin to ice hockey. Goals are scored the same way, and the same basic rules apply. Some see floor hockey as a more universal game, however, since it can be played virtually anywhere there is a flat surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Goals
  • Floor hockey sticks
  • Puck
  • Protective gear
  • Learn the positions that make up a floor hockey team. While you can play games with fewer people, a traditional lineup consists of six people: a center, two wing men, two defensive players and a goalie.

  • Create a floor hockey court to play on. You can set a length and width based on whatever is available, though keep in mind a normal field is about the size of a basketball court. Make sure you have two goals at opposite ends of the court and a line that runs across the center of the court.

  • Drop the puck in the center of the floor hockey court to begin play. Players battle with their hockey sticks to gain control of the puck and hit the puck down the floor toward the opposing team's goal. Players pass the puck to one another by pushing it with their sticks.

  • Score one point in floor hockey by hitting the puck into the net or goal. Simply breaking the plane of the net's bars is considered a goal. The net should be closely monitored, because during game action, it can be hard to tell if the puck broke the plane of the bars.

  • Handle a puck only by using a stick. If a player uses a hand to hit the puck, it is considered a foul. Excessive body checking is not allowed. Defenders are not allowed past the center line. When these fouls happen, the other team is automatically given control of the puck and may begin play from the spot of the foul.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always wear protective gear when playing floor hockey.

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