How to Care for a Blind Cat


Whether you've bought a cat that is blind, or your cat was involved in an accident or has a medical illness that made him blind, you will find that he is still a great, loyal companion. Caring for a blind cat is not much more challenging than caring for a cat who can see. Blind cats have a few extra challenges, yet they are just as healthy and loving as any other pet. You'll just need to take a few extra precautions to ensure his safety.

  • Cat-proof your house before bringing your blind cat home. Lock cabinets, cover up any holes that your cat could potentially step into and put a lock on the toliet seat. Cats love to investigate water and if your cat happens to jump into the toliet, he may not be able to get out.

  • Do not rearrange the furniture in your house. Your cat will get used to the layout of your house by his sensory glands. If you move things around, you may disorient him and make him feel unsafe in the new surroundings.

  • Leave his food and water bowl, as well as his litter box, where it has always been.

  • Pad things to cushion his bump if your cat has a problem running into the furniture. After he learns where everything is, you can take them off.

  • Never let a blind cat go outside alone. Although her senses are probably heightened in other areas, she needs to be monitored closely. She could potentially run into the street or get chased by a predator if she wanders out by herself.

  • Choose appropriate toys for your cat to play with. Invest in balls with bells, crinkley toys and squeaky mice. The sounds will attract her attention and help her locate the toys more easily during playtime.

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