How to Prevent a Positive Group B Strep Test

Prevent a Positive Group B Strep Test
Prevent a Positive Group B Strep Test (Image:

Group B Streptococcus (streptococcus agalactiae) is a bacterium found in the intestinal tract of approximately 5 to 40 percent of the population. In up to 30 percent of pregnant women, GBS can be found colonized in either the vaginal or rectal area, or both. The CDC recommends that pregnant women be tested for GBS at 35 to 37 weeks of pregnancy, and that those who test positive for Group B Strep be treated with antibiotics at least four hours before birth. There are, however, concerns with the widespread use of antibiotics causing bacteria to become resistant to treatment. In addition, antibiotics can cause yeast overgrowth, which can impact breastfeeding. There are several things a woman can do to encourage a negative Group B Strep test during her pregnancy.

Things You'll Need

  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Peri-bottle

Consume probiotics and fermented foods throughout the pregnancy. These include food items such as yogurt and kefir.

Take acidophilus pearls of at least 100 million to 1 billion lactobacillus units throughout pregnancy. It is important to take acidophilus in pearl form, as these reach the intestines before dissolving and that is the area you want to treat. Acidophilus can also be inserted into the vagina.

Take a daily dose of 250 to 2000 mg of vitamin C, one zinc capsule, one garlic capsule and three cranberry capsules spread out through the day.

Alternate 10 days on/10 days off with two echinacea capsules two to four times daily and three teaspoons of colloidal silver between meals (holding liquid in mouth for as long as possible before swallowing),

Insert a peeled clove of garlic into your vagina every night for one week before the Group B Strep test. Cut little slits in the surface of the clove of garlic to allow the oils to escape.

Insert a tampon soaked in 2 percent tea tree essential oil and 98 percent olive oil. Leave the tampon in for 4 hours, repeat every day for one week prior to the Group B Strep test.

Rinse your vaginal area every six hours for one week before your GBS test with a chlorhexidine wash (which can be purchased from Walmart under the brand name Hibiclens), diluted as four tablespoons Hibiclens to 2 ¼ cups water.

Tips & Warnings

  • You cannot overdose on vitamin C, so it is appropriate to err on the side of too much, rather than not enough. Vitamin C is water soluble and any unused portion will pass out of the body with urine.
  • Use a peri-bottle to squirt the Hibiclens wash onto your vulva.
  • To make removal easier, string the garlic clove with a needle and thread before inserting it vaginally.
  • Even if your GBS test is negative, continue your vitamin and supplement regimen throughout the rest of the pregnancy. This will ensure that your gut maintains its flora balance.
  • Skin irritation can occur with the chlorhexidine wash—if this happens, take a break from the washing routine until irritation clears.

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