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Ever since the announcement of Dolly the cloned sheep, the idea of human cloning has been both an area of interest for conspiracy theorists and real scientists alike. Since the release of the movie "The Island," the ethical debate revolving around cloning has only gotten more intense. But how exactly would human cloning work?

Grow the human cells. First, you would need to separate and artificially grow your human cells from a provided piece of human tissue. Once you have enough human cells grown you must then transfer those cells on to a piece of media with just enough atmosphere to survive but not continue to divide. This is called a "quiescence" state. These human cells will become the material needed to clone the person that the human tissue was obtained from.

Remove the nucleus from an unfertilized human egg cell. When you do this you must be sure to be as careful as possible as causing damage to the rest of the cell could ruin the chances of having a viable clone in future steps. Throw away the nucleus once it has been removed.

Implant the quiescent cell into the zona pellucida surrounding the unfertilized egg cell.

Shock the cell. Since no actual human cloning has taken place as far as we know thus far, we can not say for sure how long it would take to shock the cell into combining the embryo with the human growth cells from the person to be cloned. Once the two cells have fused together, the electroshock will cause the DNA to move across the membrane into the embryo.

Continue these steps until you have a good amount of embryos. Many of your embryos will not survive the process, hence the need for more than one to guarantee that you will be able to produce a clone.

Implant the clone embryo within a surrogate mother until she comes to term and delivers the clone baby.

Tips & Warnings

  • Laws have been put into place, especially within the United States, to limit the process of cloning. This is done for good reason. If you try this procedure without the proper government approval you could possibly be arrested for federal crimes. Hence, it is not recommended that you try this procedure, and this information is for educational purposes only.

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