How to Forge the Silver Sword in "Baldur's Gate 2"


The PC role-playing game Baldur's Gate 2 has several secret artifacts that can be forged by the dwarf smith Cromwell if the party can find the necessary components. Although the Silver Sword does not deal as much straight damage as the other artifacts, its "vorpal" ability to instantly kill enemies makes it a must-have item for the fighter in your party.

  • Play through the game until the party reaches the wizard's prison called Spellhold in Chapter 4.

  • Do not go through the portal at the end of Spellhold to escape from the tower, but rather trace your way back to the entrance and return to the town of Brynnlaw.

  • Go into the house of the woman named Caiya and steal the Pirate Horn item from the table in her bedroom. Take the horn to the ship captain named Saemon. In return for the horn, he will give the party the Silver Blade item.

  • Continue through the game until the party returns to the city of Athkatla. Go to the area called Waukeens Promenade and find the githyanki named Kruin, who will demand that the party give him the Silver Blade.

  • Kill Kruin and take the Silver Hilt from his body.

  • Leave Waukeen's Promenade and go to the Docks District. Enter the home of the dwarf Cromwell and speak to him while you have the Silver Blade and the Silver Hilt in your inventory. Cromwell will charge the party 7,500 gold and then re-forge the Silver Sword back together so it can be used as a weapon.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Silver Sword has the "vorpal" quality, which means it has a 25 percent chance per hit to decapitate an opponent, killing him instantly.
  • If you escape Spellhold through the magical portal instead of returning to the city of Brynnlaw, you will not be able to gather the pieces necessary to forge the Silver Sword.

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