How to Get a Coaching License


Coaching can have a great and lifelong impact on the people that are being coached. You can pass your own gifts onto others by being a coach to them. Coaching is generally referred to as having to do with sports. Whether or not you need a coaching license is usually determined by the age level of the participants, the professional level of the sports team, and the group that is in charge of putting the sports on - (for instance, a school, a community, or a private company).

Coaching Non-Professionally

  • Decide what type of coach you would like to be. Choose a sport that you are good at and are able to teach to others. You can coach just about any sport. Even sports like Gymnastics have coaches.

  • Make sure that you have a good knowledge of the subject that you would like to coach. If you want to be a soccer coach, you should know how to play the game. Learn the rules, the movements, and learn tricks to make them easier to do. Learn about any leagues that the particular sports are involved in. Learn as much as you can about the sport that you would like to coach.

  • Decide on the age group that you would like to coach. This will have an impact on getting a license, or on whether or not you really need one. You can either coach children, coach adults in a non professional league, or coach professionally.

  • Pick a children's program to coach if you want to coach children. This will have an impact on whether or not you need a license. You can either coach through a school, through a community, or through an independent company.

  • Check with the school district if you would like to coach at a school. Most of the time, they will require you to have an education degree or a coaching degree. If you need to have these things, find a school where you can take classes. Get a coaching degree through an education program at a college to obtain your coaching license. That is what is required to teach in a school.

  • Check with the local recreation department in a town you would like to coach through. They will have a process for you to do. Sometimes there are forms to fill out, classes to take or background checks to do. Follow the steps outlined by the local department. In some states, you will need a coaching license to coach things like football, baseball and soccer. However, in some other states, you will not need a license, but will simply need knowledge of the sport.

  • Coach through an independent program or company. Contact the program, and take whatever steps necessary through the program in order to become certified as a coach. For many big companies, you will need to get a coaching license. You can do this by going through the state-wide recreational departments or through the nation-wide sporting departments. Often you will need to pass tests to determine whether or not you qualify for a coaching license. Many independent companies will offer their own coaching license, which will certify you to coach through them.

  • Coach adults in a non-professional league. Visit the league office or website to determine what kind of qualifications are needed to coach a team. Many times, non-professional leagues will hire people to be coaches simply because they have experience and want to coach. However, some non-professional leagues will want you to have a degree in coaching, (which is similar to a license) or they will want you to go through a state-wide program in order to obtain a license. You must follow the directions of the given league in order to determine what you need for a license or degree through them.

Coaching Professionally

  • Create a portfolio that details your sports experience and any coaching experience you already have.

  • Research the sport that you are interested in, and find out what the qualifications are for professional coaching. In some sports, like football, having a license doesn't mean much. Teams will want you to have several years of both playing and coaching experience, and will not hire you based on license alone.

  • Determine if the sport requires a license. If so, apply for one through the state board of recreation, or the national recreation foundation. The sports team that you are interested in will be able to give you specifics about what type of license is required and how to go about obtaining it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Coaching requires skill, but it also requires an ability to teach.
  • Coaches can be remembered forever, whether they are good or bad.
  • Don't attempt to coach something in which you have no skill level or knowledge.

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