How to Create Balance Kapha Ayurveda Mind-Body Type

Of the three mind-body types in Ayurveda, Kapha is the one that is the most steady in energy, temperament and mood. Ayurveda dates back 5,000 years to India, where rishis (sages) codified guidelines for diet and how to treat different diseases. Ayurveda is still practiced in India and around the world.Kaphas are generally big-boned, big-hearted people, with thick hair and beautiful large eyes. It is said they are “cow-like” in a positive sense: serene, not hyperactive or flighty or competitive or aggressive. Not fond of exercise, Kaphas may carry extra weight and, if in excess, might be at risk for obesity or other chronic diseases.


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      Try new things. When imbalanced, Kaphas feel physically stagnant and cling to routine. Consider adding new hobbies once a season: learn to ski or snowboard or enroll in a French language class. Change stimulates growth.

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      Eat in ways to stimulate digestion. Ayurveda believes agni fire in the belly is responsible for complete digestion. As Kaphas are known for their sweet tooth, this can be overdone and present a real risk for obesity and diabetes. Eat smaller meals throughout the day that are easy to digest. Use digestive enzymes or chop gingerroot and steep in hot water to make a digestive tea.

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      Consume a Kapha-pacifying diet. Kaphas crave and enjoy heavy, sweet and often fatty foods that can create more congestion and weight gain that will not support optimal health. Switch to foods that are astringent, bitter and pungent. Consume raw fruits and raw salads along with cooked foods that are easy to digest: baked, roasted vegetables with grilled fish, poultry, lean cuts of meat or tempeh. Do not overeat.

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      Work with a nutritionist to set a realistic food plan and fine-tune it with each season. Kaphas have the physical reserves to skip a meal occasionally, but it is best to eat smaller, regular meals to avoid overeating at the next meal. Do not restrict your calorie intake so much that your body slows down its metabolism.

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      Boost the metabolism with regular, daily exercise. Exercise consistently to boost mood levels and metabolism. Walk where there are beautiful flower gardens or in a place of natural beauty: a beach, park or wooded area. If listening to music, educational or inspirational tapes or podcasts suits you, bring them along. Kaphas can really benefit from daily exercise.

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      Cover yourself in winter to stay dry and warm. Do not go out with damp hair. Instead, wear a hat, scarf around the face and gloves to trap body heat. If you live in a damp, cold climate, drink warm or hot drinks throughout the day. Avoid very sweet drinks since that can contribute to weight gain.

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      Maintain a circle of supportive friends. Don’t isolate yourself during times of crisis or difficulty. Kaphas may want to “hibernate” and hope once they awake the problems have resolved themselves; but they may not. Allow only kind people to be in your inner circle of friends, and allow them to help you when needed.

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