How to Defeat the Shadow Dragon in "Baldur's Gate 2"


There are several dragons in the PC role-playing game Baldur's Gate 2 that your party of adventurers will have to interact with, and in some occasions fight. The shadow dragon found in the temple ruins is the first dragon the party will run afoul of, and without the proper planning can be nearly impossible to defeat.

Things You'll Need

  • Baldur's Gate 2 PC Game
  • Speak with the bounty hunter named Yoshimo, found on the second level of the dungeon that the party wakes up in at the beginning of the game. Accept his offer to join the group, then leave the dungeon and make your way into the city of Athkatla.

  • Go to the Government District and speak with the man named Delon, who is standing outside of the domed Council of Six building. He will mark the location of the Umar Hills on the party's world map.

  • Leave Athkatla and travel to the Umar Hills. Go inside the abandoned cabin there and read the journal found on the table, which will add the "Temple Ruins" area to the your map. Leave the Umar Hills and go directly to the Temple Ruins.

  • Make your way through the Temple Ruins until you meet the shadow dragon named Thaxll'ssyllia. Before speaking with the dragon, have Yoshimo use his "set snare" ability to setup as many snares as he has available directly in front of Thaxll'ssyllia. Do not talk to the dragon yet, but instead rest to regain all of Yoshimo's snares, then set them again. The previous snares that Yoshimo set will not expire when you rest. Repeat this process around ten times so that there are thirty or forty snares in front of the dragon.

  • Speak with the dragon, who will then attack the party after the conversation is completed. The dragon will step forward onto all of the snares and be instantly destroyed.

Tips & Warnings

  • The snares that Yoshimo set bypass all magic resistance or armor class, dealing direct damage to any creature no matter how well protected they are.
  • Do not open your map screen until the snares have all been set off by Thaxll'ssyllia. The game automatically marks the location of each snare on the map, and with so many markers the game is likely to freeze if you open up the map.

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