How to Care for a Pomapoo


Cross a toy or miniature poodle with a Pomeranian, and the result is the hybrid puppy known as the Pomapoo. This smart, happy little dog loves to please and makes a fine companion.

Feeding Your Pomapoo

Feed your Pomapoo a high-quality diet designed for small breeds. Your vet can recommend an appropriate food for your pet. Because of his metabolism, it's best to divide up a small dog's daily ration into three or more meals, rather than feeding all of it once daily. Your dog should always have fresh, clean water available.

Although your Pomapoo is adorable when he begs for treats, keep those extras at a minimum and avoid giving him table scraps. It doesn't take much for a dog as tiny as the Pomapoo -- who is likely to weigh under 10 pounds, depending on whether the poodle parent was a toy or miniature -- to gain excess weight.

Exercise and Training

The American Kennel Club describes the poodle as "active, proud and very smart, while the Pomeranian is "lively, bold and inquisitive." Your Pomapoo requires moderate amounts of exercise, and several daily walks and lots of playtime at home usually suffice. Both breeds are relatively easy to train, and the poodle especially soaks up learning. If you want to compete in canine sports such as agility, your Pomapoo will usually do well. One caveat: The Pom may take some time to house train. With luck, your dog takes after his poodle ancestors in this regard, so house training is relatively simple.


Your Pompapoo's grooming needs depends on the type of hair coat he inherits. If he sports the tight, curly coat of the poodle, he'll require regular trips to the groomer for clipping. Without haircuts every two months or so, his coat can form dreadlocks or mats. If he has the double coat of his Pom parent, you'll need to give him a thorough brushing several times a week. While poodles don't shed, Pomeranians do. The frequent brushing keeps most hairs at bay, but your mixed breed may blow his undercoat in spring and fall, creating Pomapoo bunnies in your home.


As a crossbred, your Pomapoo may inherit hybrid vigor, making genetic health issues in either breed less likely to appear. Still, your dog is vulnerable to common poodle or Pom health problems. These include:

  • dental disease
  • collapsed trachea -- walk your Pomapoo with a harness and leash rather than a collar and leash to help prevent tracheal collapse.
  • eye problems -- including cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy
  • orthopedic conditions -- these include slipped kneecaps, hip dysplasia and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which affects the blood supply to the rear femur
  • or heart disease.


  • Warning -- Both breeds suffer from skin diseases that can cause coat loss. In the Pomeranian, it's known as black skin disease or skin funk. Toy -- not miniature -- poodles may develop sebaceous adenitis, which results in hair loss and skin problems.

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