How to Select Clothing Colors for a Redhead

There are certain clothing colors that redheads can almost always never go wrong with, including jewel tones such as turquoise and emerald green. However, for the most appealing colors, look to the undertones of your skin and the depth of red in your hair. Let them be your guide for the most complementary colors for your complexion and coloring.


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      Consider the basic color wheel. The color that is opposite another color is condsidered complementary. So, it's no surprise that the color opposite of red, which is green, is a color almost universally embraced by the redder-haired among us.

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      Determine your shade of red. You may be a carrot top, a deep auburn redhead or a strawberry blonde. From there you can select the colors that are best for your specific coloring.

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      Identify your skin tone. Redheads usually have some warmth to their skin, but there are two different skin tones. There are those redheads who have blue undertones, and those who have golden undertones. You can tell by looking at the inside of your wrist and identifying whether the skin has a bluish cast or more of a yellowish cast. Redheads with more blue or pink undertones would wear different shades of various colors than those with yellow or golden undertones.

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      Select the colors of fall if your undertones are more golden. Think of rich, warm and earthy colors when you go clothes shopping, such as olive, gold, camel, spicy orange and dark brown. Steer clear of stark black and white and pastels, which don't complement the gold or yellowish tone of your skin or, more than likely, the hazel or brown of your eyes.

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      Opt for more vibrant, clear colors if your skin has a rosy or bluish cast. More than likely, you also have light green, blue or gray eyes. Choose the jewel tones, such as emerald green, turquoise and royal purple, as well as icy tones, such as pastel blue and lilac.

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      Determine how the tone of your hair impacts the colors that look best on you. Select pastel colors, golden browns and warm grays for copper redheads or carrot tops. These fiery redheads tend to look best in pastel greens, aqua, blue and lilac, as well as olive and golds. Pure white and black, as well as dark blue and violet will wash these redheads out.

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      Select traditional jewel tones such as hunter green, blue and violet for deep auburn redheads and strawberry blondes. These redheads can also pull off peach and most browns.

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      Break some of the rules. It's not true that redheads can't wear red, orange or yellow. Those redheads whose skin isn't too ivory look striking in a yellow that is more honey gold than Big Bird. Same goes for red. Most shades of red are perfectly acceptable, though bluish-red and bright red can make your hair look super orange. In general, if it's a color you love and you feel happy wearing it, that confidence will come across and you'll appear more attractive.

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      Use colors you love sparingly. If you're still unsure about wearing a color you love that's not traditionally suited for you, don't wear it close to your face. Instead use that color on an accessory. For example, a yellow patent leather belt would look striking on a copper redhead wearing a warm gray sheath. You could also feature that color you're unsure about, such as a purple, yellow, orange or red, on your shoes, bags and purses.

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