How to Waterproof Bathroom Shower Stall Lights


No one likes bathing in the dark. For this reason, bathroom shower stall lights are a great asset to any shower. Besides making it possible to see where the soap, shampoo, conditioner, rags, and sponges are, they also make taking a shower safer. You can see where you are placing your feet when you get in and out of the shower, so that you will not fall. Shower stall light fixtures need to be kept dry, in order to work properly, as well as avoid the danger of electric shock.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement waterproof light covers
  • Replacement light sources
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Chisel or putty knife
  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Turn off the power source to the shower stall light. You may have to shut off the power to the entire bathroom while you are making the repairs or replacements.

  • Remove the old shower stall light cover by either prying it loose from the housing, removing the housing all together, or by CAREFULLY breaking the cover and removing the pieces.

  • Use a flat-head screwdriver, chisel, or putty knife to carefully pry around the old shower stall light cover or light housing. Work slowly, so that you will not damage any surrounding area. Or, you may use the hammer to CAREFULLY break the light cover.

  • Once you have removed the light cover or light housing, carefully clean around the area where the cover and/or housing once was.

  • Replace the old light cover if you did not remove the entire light housing with the type of cover used in swimming pools and spas. These covers (also called lenses) come in many sizes. Simply measure the diameter of the light housing, and purchase a cover (lens) that will fit.

  • Incandescent lighting can be used to replace existing shower stall lighting. Measure the diameter of the existing light fixture space, and buy an incandescent pool light that will fit into the space. Install it following the manufacturer’s instructions. (See Tips and Warnings sections for more information).

Tips & Warnings

  • You may have to “think outside the stall” and consider replacing the light fixture rather than trying to waterproof the existing fixture and/or covers. If you do, you have many choices of lighting, as you can see from the steps above.
  • IF the existing electrical wiring will support it and IF the incandescent lighting fixture, which is enclosed in a waterproof housing, will fit in the existing space, this can be an option to trying to waterproof an existing fixture.
  • Make sure there is no power coming to the shower stall light fixture while repairing or replacing parts. Severe electrical shock can occur, causing serious injury or death.
  • If a replacement light fixture will not fit properly, then do not use it. Better to come up with another idea than to risk the possibility of an electrical fire, or worse, electricity being conducted through the metal parts of the shower itself.
  • Incandescent lighting is stronger than average lighting; therefore, it is imperative that you make sure the electrical wiring will be able to withstand the extra voltage and strength. If there is any doubt at all, then do not consider this option.

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