How to Bathe a Chihuahua

Bathe a Chihuahua
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A Chihuahua is one of the small and adorable toy breed dogs. Most animals weigh in at less than six pounds and have short or medium long hair, large ears and somewhat protruding eyes. Often seen in the arms of celebrities or in the specially designed doggie purses of the well heeled dog lover, the general notion is that these pampered pooches do not need baths as often as other dogs. Some suggest that the dog’s skin is too sensitive to withstand regular bathing. This is actually not true. Read on and learn how to bathe a Chihuahua and protect its sensitive skin at the same time.

Things You'll Need

  • Natural bristle brush
  • Sink
  • Bathmat
  • Watering can
  • Lukewarm water
  • Medicated dog shampoo
  • Thick towel

Brush your Chihuahua’s coat. If you have a shorthair dog this is not needed, but if your dog has medium or long hair, you should do so periodically and most certainly before a bath. Remember that snarls and matted fur get worse when wet. Take care of these common dog fur problems before the bath and you will not have to cut them off afterwards.

Place a small bathmat in the kitchen sink. It is a good idea to use the sink since it is at a perfect height to permit you access to the dog. You may use a tub if you like, but many Chihuahua owners do not like the strain on their backs. Include the bathmat on the bottom of the sink to keep the little dog’s feet from slipping. Chihuahuas are easily scared, and losing their footing even temporarily in a slippery sink may cause them to jump out and get hurt in the process.

Fill a small watering can with lukewarm water. Additionally, put about an inch of lukewarm water in the sink.

Speak soothingly to your little Chihuahua and lift it into the sink. Splash a bit of water from the bottom of the sink over its body. Be very careful to avoid the eyes, ears, and also the snout.

Massage the medicated dog shampoo into the animal’s fur. The best kind of shampoo to use is a brand that is specifically formulated for dogs with sensitive skin. This makes it possible to bathe the Chihuahua once a week without having the skin dry out and become flaky.

Remove the stopper from the sink. Pick up the watering can and carefully rinse off the shampoo. Take as many passes with the watering can as needed to ensure that all the suds are removed and the water is running clear.

Lift the dog out of the sink in a big, thick towel. These fabrics are naturally very absorbent, and you do not actually have to towel off the dog, but instead simply hold it close to you and carry it around in the towel a bit. After a couple of minutes, a lot of the moisture will have been absorbed by the towel.

Place the towel on the ground and let the dog escape from it; and finish drying itself off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not use a hair dryer for your Chihuahua, unless it is a long-haired specimen. No matter how quiet the dryers are, these little dogs despise them.

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