How to Clean A Fish Bowl


Things You'll Need

  • Fresh Water
  • Water Conditioner
Introduction (Image: Roel van Eekelen/Demand Media)

Is your goldfish bowl getting cloudy and gross? Here's how to give your pet a sparkling clean home!

Step 1

Fill a couple of pitchers with clean tap water. Add a couple of drops of water conditioner (usually one or two drops per gallon), and let it sit for 24 hours.

The water in the pitchers has to be exactly the same temperature as the water in the bowl, or the shock of a temperature change can kill your fish. Testing the temperature with your finger to see if it's "close enough" so you can use it immediately is inaccurate at best, and can lead to a dead fish. Be patient, plan ahead and wait the 24 hours.

Step 1
Step 1 (Image: Roel van Eekelen/Demand Media)

Step 2

Scoop the fish out of its bowl with a net, and deposit it in the pitcher of new water. Dump the bowl of dirty water down the sink, using a sieve to catch the rocks and faux plants.

Step 2
Step 2 (Image: Roel van Eekelen/Demand Media)

Step 3

Wash the bowl with warm water and a soft rag. NO SOAP! As well as you think you've rinsed the bowl, soap residue and the chemicals left behind can kill your fish. Same goes for the rocks and plants. Rinse them thoroughly with warm water in the sieve, stirring them with your hand to make sure you get all the fish feces and scum off (it's inevitable that a small amount will stay behind, but that's OK so long as you get most of it).

Step 3
Step 3 (Image: Roel van Eekelen/Demand Media)

Step 4

Rearrange the rocks and faux plants in your fish bowl, making sure they are room temperature before reintroducing your fish. Pour the clean water and fish back into the bowl.

Step 4
Step 4 (Image: Roel van Eekelen/Demand Media)

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