How to Forge the Mace of Disruption in Baldur's Gate 2


There are many weapons in the PC role-playing game Baldur's Gate 2 that can be upgraded by the master smith Cromwell if the party can find the correct items needed. The upgraded Mace of Disruption, which will make the major fights with clans of vampires late in the game much easier, can be assembled by finding a large amount of the rare Illithium ore in the city of Athkatla.

  • Go to the Temple District in Athkatla and speak with Telwyn at the temple of the god Helm. If the main character is a cleric, instead speak with the priests in the temple of your chosen deity. Whichever one you speak with will tell the party about a famous artist named Sir Sarles who wants pure Illithium ore to make a new work of art with.

  • Leave the Temple District and go to Sarles' home in the Government District. Speak with him to discover that you must get the ore from a merchant in Waukeen's Promenade. Travel over to the Promenade and speak with the ore merchant who will tell the party to speak with her supplier of ore directly.

  • Head to the Slums District and enter the tavern called the Copper Coronet. Speak with the ore's supplier Unger, who will tell the party that his ore has been taken by a thief in the Bridge District.

  • Find the run-down house in the Bridge District and kill the thief named Neb who is hiding there and take the Illithium ore found on his body. Do not return it to Sarles, however.

  • Travel to the graveyard in Athkatla and enter the underground tunnels through one of the stone crypts. Go through the tunnels until the party comes upon a pool of blood that can be clicked on as though it were a treasure chest. Take the broken Mace of Disruption found there.

  • Walk to the Docks District and speak with the dwarf smith named Cromwell in his home there. If you have the broken Mace of Disruption, the Illithium ore and 7.500 gold, Cromwell will re-forge the Mace so that it can be used by your party.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Mace of Disruption is made for fighting undead creatures such as vampires and skeletons, as it has a chance to instantly slay these types of creatures and also makes the wielder immune to the "level drain" ability that most vampires have.
  • If you use the Illithium ore to make the Mace of Disruption, you will be unable to complete the quest with Sir Sarles, as there are no other sources of Illithium to be found in the game.

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