How to Make a Pet Dish Stand

Diagram of Finished Pet Stand Dish
Diagram of Finished Pet Stand Dish

People have cared for certain animals' basic needs for thousands of years. There are numerous pet dish stands on the market today to help with these basic needs, but many cost more than a pet owner needs to spend. There are numerous reasons to make a pet dish stand, such as keeping ants away or making it easy for your large pet to get to their food. Either way, using a few simple tools it is possible to have your own pet dish stand for a low price.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 dog dish
  • 1 tin can (wash thoroughly)
  • Epoxy or silicone glue
  • 2 nails
  • Hammer
  • Power drill
  • Pliers
  • Level
  • 1 Dowel (should be half the diameter of tin can, and 2 inches longer)
  • 1 Block of wood (should be wider than dog dish, and at least 1.5 inches thick)
  • Flat surface

Use the power drill to drill a hole into one face of the block of wood. The hole should be directly in the center of the block, and just big enough to fit the dowel snugly into.

Pour some glue into the hole in the block of wood. Press the dowel into the hole, making sure it goes all the way down so the glue holds it in place. Turn the board over (so the dowel is facing down). Hammer a nail into the center of the block of wood so that the nail goes through the block and into the dowel. Ensure your nail is not long enough to come out the other end of the dowel.

Turn the block of wood back over so that the dowel is facing up. If necessary, apply glue around the dowel to ensure a watertight seal between the wood and dowel.

Use pliers to round in the rim on the open end of the tin can. Make sure, after rounding the edges, that there will still be enough space between the dowel and can edge (when dowel is placed in center of can) to prevent ants from moving from the dowel to the can.

Put glue on top of the dowel. After doing so, place the open end of the can onto the dowel. Ensure that the dowel presses against the center of the inside bottom of the can. Part of the dowel should still be visible, as the dowel should be longer than the can.

Use a hammer and nail to attach the can to the dowel permanently. Ensure once again that the can is centered on the dowel. Punch through the bottom of the tin can and hammer the nail down into the dowel.

Place the pet food dish upside down on a level surface that will safely allow glue to dry. Apply glue directly to the outside of the closed end of the can. Put glue onto the bottom center of the pet food dish as well.

Turn the stand upside down and press it down onto the upside down pet food dish. Use a level to ensure the stand and dish are level. If using a flat surface, this should not be a problem. Allow the pet dish stand to stay in this position until the glue completely dries. Enjoy your new pet dish stand.

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