How to Buy a Serval


Servals are wild African cats, often bred with domesticated cat species. They can be great pets that bring an affectionate piece of the Savannah to your living room, if you know how to care for them properly. Servals are traditionally afraid of strangers and other animals.

  • Contact a serval breeder like the B & B Ranch in Texas and inquire about its availability of serval kittens. Check serval classified ad listings like Pets 4 You.

  • Obtain a license to purchase and own a serval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Check that your city or county allows residents to own servals.

  • Ask the breeder of the serval kitten for health records. Buy a serval that is vaccinated with all killed virus. Live vaccines can kill exotic servals. Take the health papers of the serval to an exotic animal veterinarian for inspection. If possible, take the serval kitten for a veterinarian check up.

  • Purchase a serval only if everyone in the household is over five years old. Servals are not normal cats. They are intelligent and always do things that amaze their owners. Experts say that children under five shouldn't have a serval kitten.

  • Purchase a serval that was bottle fed at a young age. These kittens are more easily socialized into your home.

  • Book your serval early. Servals are rare cats that are in demand. Some breeders ween serval kittens for you. Put a deposit down on the kitten early.

  • Plan for your shipping. Many prices of serval kittens only include the animal. Buy a crate for you purchase and decide how you will pick it up.

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