How to Act Like a Celebrity


It takes a bit of luck and maybe a modicum of talent to become a celebrity, but anyone can imitate a celebrity by following a few simple steps. In today's tabloid world, merely imitating a celebrity sometimes guarantees press and TV coverage. So, if you want to get your picture in the paper or on your favorite blog, here's how to act like a celebrity.

  • Go to fancy parties and popular haunts. Read the celebrity blogs and take note of the latest dance club or restaurant that attract celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Trendy clubs turnover every week so don't be left out on the cold. Get your Hollywood and Manhattan connections in order so you can stay up to date on what's hot.

  • Look good. Cutting a thin, sexy figure remains most important thing if you want to act like a celebrity. Get a makeover at your local posh department store or spa. Save your money and buy slinky, trendy clothes at an upscale boutique.

  • Attract the paparazzi. If you dress scantily or wear unusual costumes (a cowgirl or cowboy outfit, for example) for a night on the town, photographers will follow you around all night. You may even find a video of yourself on a celebrity blog the next day.

  • Have good looking friends. In order to imitate a celebrity and get into those ritzy clubs and restaurants, you need to be surrounded by well-dressed attractive folks. It helps if some of them belong to well-heeled show biz or millionaire families.

  • Cause trouble. Drink too much and dance on the tabletop, or get caught in the restroom canoodling with a real celebrity or one of the other club patrons. Remember, a good celebrity knows how to get noticed by the press and public all the time, so act outrageous and you'll get publicity and endorsement deals. Act outraged if the club doorman doesn't recognize you, or imitate a lesser known celebrity and start crying-in front of a rolling camera, of course.

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